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New toy for my Basset wooohooooo

Posted in Basset Hound with tags on 2012/05/02 by bassetthounds


Duke has hit that stage where he gets so fired up that he chases his tail, run laps around the couch at lightening speed, and literally hops straight into the air when battling it out with his green stuffed PetSmart dog toynamed “Squeaker.”  Now imagine if you will a 20 pound Basset Hound all of 12 inches tall hopping up off the ground with all four paws in the air at the same time and long ears flapping in the wind.  It is indeed a sight to behold.

Well, after a long and stressful day at work, I have this energizer bunny in the shape of a Basset staring me down and guilting me into play.  Naturally a romp in the yard and the chasing of a ball is not enough for this log on legs and he meanders over to where I just kicked off a pair of old Doc Marten boots.

You would think it was a scene from Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom.”  I have never seen a dog stalk and attack a pair of boots with such ferocity.  Man, he sassed that boot and, once brave enough, finally grabbed it by it’s long lace and dragged it onto the rug. That’s when he went in for the kill.  After about five minutes of growling and biting at the boot, I guess he figured it was mortally wounded as he wrestled it under the coffee table (his Dog Cave) and began alternately chewing and napping.