Basset Hound Treausures

They got a bran’ new baby At Bud HBHicks’ house, you see.
You’d think Bud Hicks had somethin’ The way he talks to me!
He comes around a-braggin’, An’ when he wouldn’t quit I said: “What good’s a baby?
You can’t hunt fleas on it.”
Then Bud turned to me an’ told me
How loud that kid could yell, An’ lots I can’t remember, He had so much to tell.
But I got tired o’ hearin’ An’ so I ast him, quick, “If you wuz in a-swimmin’ Could it go get a stick?”

There is no use a-talkin’, Bud thinks their baby’s fine! Huh! I’d a whole lot rather Jest have a pup like mine. I’ll bet it’s not bald-headed! But if Bud doesn’t fail To let me hear it yellin’, I’ll let him pull Spot’s tail.



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