How to socialize your Basset Hound

How to Socialize your Basset Hounds

How to socialize your Basset Hound
Socializing your basset means introducing him as a puppy
all the people, places and things I could find a
adult dog so that will be familiar and not scary. The
crucial period for socialization is between 7 and 14 weeks
age, but the process should continue throughout puberty
and young adulthood. Talk to your veterinarian about when
safe to begin socializing your particular dog.

How to teach your Basset Hound to Socialize

When socializing your basset, make sure that each new
object and situation fun. The most positive views of
outside world, better able to interact with him
throughout his life.
• Socialize with other people doing it to feed her
Basset treats and petting.
• Socialize him to children under strict supervision
reminding them never to tease him, pull his ears or tail,
approach him when he is sleeping, take his toys or food,
or eye contact.
• Socialize him to other dogs and let him play with
like many breeds and sizes as possible. Monitor, but
interfere only if play gets too rough or your dog is
cowering in fear.

Click Here for PDF How to Socialize your Basset Hounds


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