Teaching Your Basset Basic Commands

Teaching Your Basset Basic Commands

Teaching Your Basset Basic Commands

Any well-behaved basset should know and follow five basic

commands: come, sit, down, stay, and walk nicely on a

leash. Knowing these commands will make your basset

easier to manage and keep safe in any situation.

Teaching Your Basset Hound to Come

1. Begin indoors. Holding treats in one hand, call your

basset’s name to get his attention.

2. When he looks over at you for a second, mark “Yes!”

and treat.

3. Continue until he comes over to you for a treat when

you call his name.

4. Put him on a long line and take him outside. Let him

explore to the end of the line, then call him.

5. When he looks at you, encourage him to come running

by showing a treat. Mark “Yes!” as he runs toward you,

and treat when he gets to you.

6. Once it’s clear that he understands that coming to you

results in a treat, say his name and the word “come” when you call.

Ramon Diaz


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