How to Teach to Sit Your Basset Hound

 Teaching Your Basset Hound to Sit

1. Start with your dog standing and facing you.
2. Hold a treat between your thumb and index finger on
your dog’s nose, then move your hand slowly
towards the tail.
3. Your head should follow the treatment and should his rear move in one sitting. Check “Yes!” and treat.
4. If he does not sit entirely, “shape”the behavior of the mark
“Yes!” and treatment approaches of the sitting, as
back down a bit, then a little more, and so on.
5. Over time your dog will offer a sit on her own. Marcos
“Yes!” and treat.
6. Now you can add the verbal “Sit, “and that’s going to come
associate the word with the action. Be very accurate
word, using only once, then waiting for the action.


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