Housetraining Your Basset Hound


Housetraining Your Basset HoundDomestic training should start when you bring your new Basset Hond puppy or adult home.
  1. Between potty breaks, keep your Basset in his crate orwithin 10 feet (3 m) of you. Tie his leash to your waistor use a pencil exercise.

  2. Watch for signs that your soil needs basset-sniffingthe go, circling, or scratching the floor. When yousee these symptoms, take him outside to the pool area.

  3. Expect to pee or poop, then reward him. If hedoesn’t go, put it in its cage for 10 minutes and thentry again.

  4. If you find your inner Basset remove, take away from the pool area immediately. Let’s finish him off, and reward him. Pick up the clutter inside
  after his return. Never punish your Basset to eliminate in the house because
  This will show that eliminating all bad. If your puppy or adult basset has a setback, just start training again.

Ramon Diaz


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