Tip of the Day: When a Basset Hound Puppy stops growing?

This is a breed that exhibits dwarfism the only part of the dog that’s small is the legs everything else about the dog is normal size ,normal size head ,tail and boy length but their height is dwarf  .They are a normal size dog expect for the legs so when you ask yourself when does a Basset Hound stop growing is the most typical age in most dogs they will get all the height the first year and then they will fill out the next year ,year and a half by three years old the Basset Hound is completely grown maybe by year and a  half Basset Hounds are sexually mature but still going to fill out a little bit more .Basset Hounds are obviously a Hound that’s why their scent hounds and the long ears help them to pull a scent into one  area to keep them on track , their considered like a type of lumbering breed there are kind of slow and moving around but they give their base they howl .Basset Hounds let the hunter know what direction to go in .Basset Hounds stop growing in about a year in a half .They are great dog’s ,lovely family pet and just awesome to be around .

Ramon Diaz


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