Tip of the Day :Why Basset Hounds make a great Family Dog

Basset Hounds whenever you think of them they bring a Smile to your face. The Basset Hounds I have are a lot of fun, a lot personality and just fun to watch with other dogs and people. What you have to understand about Basset Hounds .Like most talents they are use to picking up a scent and following it ,so sometimes or most of the time you can have a difficult time teaching them to do leash walking and recalls to come back when you call them and to learn these simple commands is important to start raining early and you might want to spend time reinforcing it ,teaching them to come back to you in a lot of different situations .Basset Hounds have a really great personality and that why they make great family pets because they can get along with their pets a lot of different people .Star training young with your Basset Hound ,develop leadership ,socialize them and they can make a great member to your family.

Ramon Diaz


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