Basset Hound Ear Cleaning


The cleaning of ears in a Basset is very simple and should be used to keep this from very small to see it as normal and stay still while you clean the inside of the ear. To do so, puppy, we proceed to the routine cleaning of ears, talking while cleaning and always giving a prize to the end of the activity for cleaning ears associated with something pleasant. This basic training will save us more of a problem in the future.
A good way to clean the ears is to add a few drops of specific cleaners (there are several brands on the market) and massage for about one minute, the base of the ear with your fingers to facilitate the softening of the wax.
After the massage, and since the ear canal in the Basset is quite wide, it is best to get your fingers wrapped in gauze and remove remaining wax and dirt that can be found inside the ear, the operation you have to do it with gently to avoid damaging the inner ear and made so that the gauze used does not remove more debris. It is also possible to clean with cotton swabs, but it is more practical with his finger, as with the touch at the same time we can detect the presence of foreign bodies or the existence of suspicious lumps.

After cleaning ears should not worry if he shakes his head frequently, as is normal.

If our Basset suffering from otitis or any other problem in the ears that causes intense pain, it can happen that do not get to touch the ear or showing aggressive because of the intense pain. In that case, we should see a veterinarian to proceed with a good cleaning anesthetizing the specimen.

Here’s a Video, Good Luck!


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